Power Over Cervical Cancer – kill those cells before they get to you!

Cervical Cancer — we have the power to prevent it!

The word “cancer” scares me. a hell lot. my maternal grandma passed away 6 years ago because of cancer in the pancreas. Her health deteriorated very fast, though, at one point, she seemed to become better. We tried all sorts of methods, western medicine, TCM, some supersonic bubble bath thingie.

But it didn’t work. After battling for 1+ years, she left us.

And then there was my uncle Jason. We did not hear from him for some time, and then one day, we received news that he had cancer in the liver (if I’m not wrong). My mummy and aunt Jeannie cried and cried, couldn’t believe it. Because it was already at the last stage, and there wasn’t much that we could do. Of course, he went for chemotherapy, stayed at a hospice, etc.

But it didn’t work. Not long after, he couldn’t even recognise us, and then… left us too.

Cancer. I never knew that cervical cancer could be prevented. I’ve heard of it before, but I didn’t think that it will affect me so young now, and I thought of only thinking about it when I’m older. but this is wrong. You should go for your vaccination before you have your first sexual intercourse. It is recommended for women below 25 years old to go for the cervical cancer vaccination. It is of course not foolproof, and women will have to go for a regular pap smear every 3 years for a check-up from age 25 years onwards. Well, that is after you have had your first sexual intercourse. Virgins do not need to go for a pap smear.

$600 is really a small sum to pay. The cost to treat cancer after it has occurred is many times that amount. Chemotherapy for certain cancers costs between $1,800 and $2,500 every THREE weeks. And don’t bank all your hopes on Medisave either. The withdrawal limit for Medisave is $1,200 every month.

The saying “Prevention is Better Than Cure” is never better used than now. Go get your HPV vaccinations before it is too late! It is 3 dosage in 6 months.

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