Nose Fillers Singapore: A Guide to Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

Nose Fillers

Nose fillers are one of the main reasons why people visit aesthetic clinics in Singapore. One of the things that people don’t often think about though, is if there are alternatives to cosmetic nose surgery. As people become better informed, alternatives to the traditional treatment are sought out more frequently. That’s what this article is about; non-surgical nose jobs and nose fillers in Singapore.

What is a non-surgical nose job?

A non-surgical nose job is a fairly new way of reshaping the nose. It works by way of fillers which are used to alter the appearance of the nose. Results are instant and the treatment is becoming more and more popular due to several big advantages over the traditional surgical alternative. Some of these advantages are the quick recovery time and the instant effect seen by the patient. This is perhaps the most important reason so many women and even men visit premium aesthetic clinics like Edwin Lim Clinic in Singapore.

Another big advantage is that the procedure is much less intrusive than a traditional nose job. This lowers the barrier to entry, especially for people who haven’t had many cosmetic procedures before.

How do nose fillers work?

Nose fillers procedure

The procedure is very straightforward and doesn’t require all too much preparation from your side. The process starts with a consultation that goes over your current health. After this, you will be informed, what exactly will be done during the procedure, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. On the day of the procedure, your nose is numbed by way of numbing cream in advance.

Once the cream has taken effect, it takes about 5-15 minutes for the procedure to finish. It’s pretty much painless, only mild pain may be felt during the procedure and in some time after. Once it is all done, you cool the area and are ready to go about your day again!


The results of a non-surgical nose job are often seen as much more natural-looking than the surgical equivalent. The material used is a naturally occurring material that improves the shape of your nose without making it bigger.

After the treatment you’re left with a younger-looking nose, that droops less and is much more appealing. Results last for roughly a year, but after repeated treatments, there are a lot of testimonials stating that the effects lasted much longer.


Aftercare is relatively straightforward and you don’t have to do much to prevent problems from occurring. No makeup on the day of your treatment (or after the treatment), staying out of the sun, or heat sources like a tanning bed for a week or two and prevent any other irritating of the face for at least two weeks. This could be things like other procedures, but also bumps and knocks to the area.

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Are nose fillers unhealthy?

A lot of the people we speak to about this procedure ask whether or not it is healthy. It seems like an obvious question, as you’re adding a foreign substance into your nose, aren’t you?

In reality, no. The material used in your nose during this procedure is one that naturally occurs in the body. Also, only a tiny amount is used in your nose for the reshaping process. To date, there have been no signs of this treatment being damaging to your health in the long-term.

Surgical vs non-surgical rhinoplasty

Another common question we get asked is which of the two treatment options you should go for. Both surgical and non-surgical nose jobs have their advantages and disadvantages, so this question isn’t easy to answer, and is best answered on a person-to-person basis.

One of the most important differences is obviously that the traditional surgical procedure has a longer recovery phase and is much more intense than the non-surgical nose job. The non-surgical alternative needs to be repeated more often but is a great way of making small corrections without the risks and challenges associated with surgery.

One thing that’s worth mentioning here is that it’s perfectly ok to get a surgical nose job, even after having a non-surgical nose job prior to it. This means you can always go for the surgery and this is exactly the reason why most people go with fillers if it’s their first cosmetic procedure on their nose.

One of the main reasons why people choose surgery over the non-surgical alternative is when they want to make their nose smaller. Even though the effects of a non-surgical nose job can make your nose appear smaller and rejuvenated, it cannot physically alter the size.

Another reason why you may choose surgery is when large corrections need to be made to your nose. Non-surgical treatments are far more subtle and ideal for rejuvenating the face and correcting small lumps and dents.


Nose fillers are a popular procedure in Singapore, but not everyone knows the options they have. If small corrections need to be made, then a non-surgical nose job may be a better alternative. After reading this article, we hope that you’re better informed of your options, as well as in a better position to decide which treatment is best for you. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation but don’t know where to start, below you will find the contact details for one of the premium aesthetic clinics in Singapore.

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