How to Choose the Right SEO Company for Your Business

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So now you’ve finally decided to hire an SEO company for your small business. You’ve always wanted to grow this company ever since you took over it a couple of years ago. Alright, looks like everything has set into motion. The only problem is, there’s a lot of different SEO (search engine optimization) companies to choose from! The question now is – which SEO company should you hire?

Don’t worry! In this article, I’ve enumerated a list of tips anyone should keep in mind when choosing the right company.

1. Determine if the SEO company specializes in your own specific niche or field.

Due to the rising popularity of the SEO industry, more and more investors have come to kickstart multiple SEO companies in hopes of starting the next big thing. For now, the most popular way to make your company stand out is by focusing on a specific industry niche. Healthmark, for example, is focused on providing SEO to medical clinics and professionals. There are SEO companies specializing in any industry you can think of – from real estate to lawyers, from doctors to engineers, there’s an SEO company for each type of niche in the industry.

SEO companies that specialize in a certain industry are more familiar with how their industry works behind closed doors and is knowledgeable about how to get more from their suppliers.

2. Determine if the SEO company can provide you with a list of industry-specific keywords for which your website should rank relatively high.

Industry-specific keywords

This is because rankings aren’t the only things that matter in the field of SEO. The keywords for which you optimize a website is also very important. If you optimize your website for the wrong set of keywords, it can have some negative effects like promoting your website to the wrong set of people. Think about it: Which would you rather have? A high Google rank in an unrelated keyword or a second-page ranking in a popular search keyword? More often than not, you want to choose the second option. Even if you’re currently ranking is found on the second page of the SERP, SEO can find a way to increase your ranking. However, if you wrongly optimized a website for a completely different keyword, there’s no changing the keyword. You’ll have to optimize the website once again using the correct keyword and do SEO all over again.

If an SEO company you just hired is doing this, then that’s a giant red flag that you should change companies ASAP. You want to put your trust into a company that knows what they are doing and has a clear sense of direction on what they’re planning to do for your business.

3. Determine if the SEO company can give you an estimated timeline of what will happen.

If the company gives you unrealistic expectations to try and impress you then stay away from that company as much as you can! SEO is a long-term process, with parts of the process feeling incomprehensible sometimes due to the fuzzy search engine algorithms. It is near impossible to predict SEO rankings given the information available in the public, as well as the unknown algorithms employed by famous search engines to rank different websites. One thing is for sure though, quality content is an important factor that all search engines always try to include in their analysis.

The answer you should expect to this question is an honest one – it’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen in the short run, however, if you choose to commit to an SEO company expect to have the project run for a year or more to get the best results. Take note that the company here said, “best results” not the “top result”. If an SEO company claims that he/she can help a website get the top result every time, then that’s a very big red flag that he/she does not know what he/she’s talking about.

4. Ask the SEO company about what practices they employ to optimize websites.

Website SEO optimisation

SEO is a constantly evolving industry, and techniques that were very effective a few years ago could be blacklisted by certain search engines now due to abuse. For example, if the SEO company mentions that backlinks are one of their most values SEO practices then that’s a sign that they’re not keeping up with current SEO practices. Backlinks are an archaic SEO method that involved paying a certain related website or blog to have them link back to your website. This technique had immense popularity as soon as five years ago but has gone down to irrelevancy now that Google has caught on to companies abusing this technique. Nowadays, using backlinks to your website can get it blacklisted by Google and will render your SEO ineffective.

5. Trust your Instinct.

Most of the time, it’s really hard to choose a specific SEO company to commit to now that the playing field has become more even. In these cases, you can only trust your gut on which SEO company you want to entrust the future of your business or website to. What’s important is that you choose a company that has high reviews and is a known SEO provider for your specific industry. If you’re wary, you can always commit to a short-term plan first to observe the results. If you like what you’re seeing from the company then you can have your contract extended long-term.


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