A Guide to Dysport Dermalift Treatment in Singapore

Dysport Dermalift

Having a young and tight skin has always been a dream to every woman in Singapore and Asia in general. Skin tightening was first sensationalised by South Korean artists or idols. They are known for having their facial skin tightened through surgeries and injections. It then spread this trend throughout Asia, especially in the South-East region. In Singapore, women are after the Dysport dermalift treatment to sustain their youthful looks. Not only that, the demand for Dysport dermalift is also growing in Singapore each year. Just search for the keyword Dysport Singapore and you can see there is an abundance of this treatment offered by many aesthetic clinics in the country.

What is Dysport Dermalift Treatment?

Generally, Dysport dermalift treatment is when a small amount of Dysport is being injected into the dermis layer of the skin. This would increase the collagen level and tighten the skin. It works best for last-minute facial lifting. The effect can be seen immediately, especially around the forehead, nose, neck and all around the face muscles. The substance used during the injection is called botulinum toxin, a more liquified version of Botox. Furthermore, the tightening effects could be seen within about 5 minutes or so, making it the fastest way to gain a youthful look. This effect would seem to be more obvious if there were mild wrinkles.

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Just so I get this out of the way as soon as possible – always look for the best practitioners to do your treatments. One such experienced aesthetic physician is the regional Dysport dermalift trainer for Singapore Dr Isaac Wong (formerly known as Dr Israr Wong). Dysport Dermalift is the cheapest face-lifting treatment in Singapore as it is non-surgical. The average pricing for a Dysport Dermalift is around $700-$1200 in Singapore, four times cheaper than surgeries. So, if you have a tight budget but want to have a better look and boost your self-confidence, then Dysport dermalift treatment is the way to go. Furthermore, finding a reliable Dysport dermalift treatment is not that difficult in Singapore since it is still in its growing phase.

The Pros of Dysport Dermalift

Doing a Dysport dermalift treatment has its own pros and cons. But, first, we are going to discuss the positive impacts that it could leave us with. Some of the pros are as listed below:

  1. Make yourself appear younger – generally, the treatment helps in tightening your facial skin by removing the wrinkles. These wrinkles would make you look older than your age. The substance contained in the Dysport itself could produce more collagen which is known as its function in promoting skin elasticity.
  2. Cheaper cost – another positive thing about the treatment with Dysport is that it is cheaper than other facial treatments. Some may need painful surgeries and are expensive. The average pricing for this treatment in Singapore is around $700-1200. In comparison, the plastic surgeries which could incur up to $4500, sometimes even higher. So, if you are on a tight budget, then this treatment is the one for you.
  3. Emergency facial treatment – as previously mentioned, the effects Dysport dermalift can be seen immediately. You could see your skin look much better and younger after the treatment. As Singaporean women favour an instant result, Dysport dermalift is the only alternative. Not only that, you could also get this treatment for an important event which involves social interaction or meetings!

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The Cons of Dysport Dermalift

Everything has its own pros and cons, and Dysport dermalift treatment is not an exception. When there is a pro, there will always be a con to something. The following list describes the cons of this treatment, so get yourself ready to hear the cold truth!

  1. Risk of getting an uneven smile – it is always important for you to check on the background of the aesthetician of your choice before making any decision. This is because an inexperienced doctor may affect the procedure and causes the result to be ugly. You will get an unpleasant look instead. Thus, seek for an expert in this treatment, even if it cost you a slight fortune for an impeccable result.
  2. Slightly painful – for some individuals, the intra-dermal injections can be quite painful. Therefore, it is better for you to seek for professional advice from the doctor first before you begin the treatment. This is to prevent from any unpleasant experience from occurring during and after the treatment being conducted.
  3. Risk of getting urticaria – urticaria is the result of our body’s reaction to a certain chemical – in this case, it is the Botox itself. It can appear as pale red bumps or rashes on the skin. Furthermore, it also related to your allergies and it is necessary for you to do a medical check-up first to know if you have any allergens to substances.

So, what do I need to do now?

In conclusion, Dysport dermalift treatment in Singapore is not a foreign practice for Singaporean women. There are always the pros and cons to anything. Everyone must take into account both matters before making any decision which may affect their life. The most important thing is to seek medical advice before involving yourself in this treatment, as prior knowledge is needed.

If you have any questions about Dysport Dermalift, you can contact Dr Isaac Wong (formerly known as Dr Israr Wong) directly via phone, email or his website below.

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