From Plastic to Fantastic: Why choosing the right plastic surgeon in Singapore matters.

Plastic Surgeon

The mere mention of the phrase plastic surgery used to raise a lot of eyebrows in Singapore during the past decade. With the surge of aesthetic augmentations demands across Southeast Asia, plus more and more celebrities and social media influencers being open about their own journeys in plastic surgery, this once-taboo industry has finally gained acceptance among Singaporeans in the recent years.

In fact, a study done back in 2014 among 1,400 teenagers within the age of 16 to 21 years showed that one in three gave a positive response when asked about their stand in getting aesthetic augmentations done given their age. Fast forward to 2018, a research done gave the top 6 plastic surgery done in Singapore. This list included (in no particular order): breast augmentation, double eyelid surgery, facelift, liposuction, nose thread lift, and rhinoplasty (nose job).

Each patient has varying reasons why they turn to plastic surgery. Contrary to what most people think, enhancement of facial or body features to boost one’s self-worth is just one reason why cosmetic changes are needed. Some do it for medical reasons as well.

Whatever your reason might be, the most important factor in plastic surgery is getting the results that you want. Choosing the right plastic surgeon is the key to achieving that goal. Unlike globally, there are only a few private plastic surgeons in Singapore and names such as Dream Plastic Surgery and Allure Plastic Surgery commonly pop up.

Here are some tips on how to find the plastic surgeon in Singapore suitable for you:

1. Ask for referrals

There is no need to hesitate when asking for plastic surgeon referrals. Since plastic surgery is already widely done in Singapore, being open about it should not be a problem. If you still feel shy about mentioning the topic, reach out to trusted family and friends who may have connections or even experience in doing plastic surgery.

2. Read reviews

Research on internet

Do not underestimate the power of the internet. A lot of beauty bloggers and celebrities post about their plastic surgery treatments online and give reviews about doctors and clinics. Be mindful of sponsored posts, as the opinions shared in these reviews can be biased as they are paid for by doctors or clinics as a marketing ploy.

3. Check credentials

A statistics probe done by Statista showed a total of 73 registered plastic surgeons in Singapore starting from 2014 to 2018. These plastic surgeons are experts on different crafts, ranging from surgical to non-surgical, as well as invasive and non-invasive aesthetic augmentation procedures.

It is important that the plastic surgeon you choose is licensed and has certifications to backup their offered services. These are proofs that your doctor is qualified to perform plastic surgery or aesthetic treatments. Likewise, you would want to ensure that your doctor has no records of malpractice because you would not want to receive treatment from someone who can put your life in danger.

4. Plastic surgeon’s experience

The number of years that a plastic surgeon has been in practice is just one point to consider when choosing your doctor. Remember that each has its own specific specialisations. A plastic surgeon that is expertly skilled in doing breast augmentation in Singapore may not be as proficient in performing facelifts. Do ask for photos of before and after results of procedures to better gauge your doctor’s skill in a certain procedure.

5. Public vs. private practice

When counting the costs, plastic surgeons who do public practice may charge cheaper as compared to those who practice privately. However, getting appointments to public practitioners may take time as compared to private doctors. Another downside to seeing plastic surgeons in public hospitals is a patient’s inability to choose the doctor that they want. Imagine seeing different doctors every time you return for a follow-up appointment. Private doctors offer a more personalised approach when it comes to patient care.

6. Gender preference

Surgeon gender preference

Not to be construed as gender-bending, this suggestion means to encourage patients to choose a doctor that they are more comfortable in dealing with. It is vital that a patient is at ease especially with augmentations done to the body’s more personal parts.

7. Style of communication

The way a doctor communicates with a patient is very important. You can observe this when you come in for a consultation. Check on the doctor’s body language and way of conversing. Do they mean what they say? Do they show concern for your well-being? Are they hard selling their services? A doctor’s sincerity is a stepping stone to build a patient’s trust.

8. Clinic, products, and equipment quality

Where your plastic surgery or aesthetic procedure is to be done can either make or break the success of your results. The same goes for the products and equipment used by your doctor. A lot of substandard cosmetic products and devices are in the market these days. These do not only give subpar outcomes when used, but they can also result in major complications. Patients should be vigilant in checking whether their chosen plastic surgeon only uses authentic products and machines.