Endoscopy Singapore: Can Endoscopy Detect Throat Cancer

Throat cancer may be used in reference to cancers that start in your pharynx or larynx. It may also be used in reference to cancers that start in your esophagus or thyroid.

If you depict symptoms that your surgeon suspects may be due to throat cancer, they may recommend exams, including endoscopy, just to be sure. They will also review your medical history and examine possible risk factors, among other medical complications.

Does Endoscopy show Throat Cancer?

To accurately diagnose throat cancer, your physician may recommend an endoscopy in Singapore to view your throat. Read more about endoscopy here: https://www.andrea-digestive-clinic.com/endoscopy/.

For this procedure, they will use an endoscope to view your throat’s images on a color TV monitor and check for any abnormalities. If the doctor discovers abnormalities during an endoscopy, they can pass surgical instruments via the scope to gather tissue samples, and then forward them to the lab for testing.

Is it Painful to do an Endoscopy?

Now, considering that the doctor will have to pass the endoscope through your mouth down into the throat, this procedure may be uncomfortable. It is not usually painful, though, considering that you will be given a local anesthetic to numb your throat region. You may also be given sedative treatments to keep you relaxed, so you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.

When should you consider an Endoscopy in Singapore for Throat Cancer?

It is worth pointing out that throat cancer symptoms aren’t the same but vary considerably depending on the part of your throat where the cancer has affected. If you have throat cancer, you’re more likely to experience difficulty opening your mouth, difficulty or pain moving your tongue, persistent coughing, which may sometimes come with blood, headaches, and nose bleeds.

You should consider an appointment with a qualified endoscopist for an endoscopy to detect throat cancer you experience any of these symptoms;

  • Swallowing Complications: If you have throat cancer, you may experience eating complications, including pain in your throat when swallowing or a burning sensation. You may also feel that the food can’t move freely, and possibly getting stuck in your throat.
  • Development of a lump on your neck: You should not overlook a lump that develops on your neck. It may be a sign of a swollen lymph node. Swollen lymph nodes are a major sign of throat cancer. Swollen lymph nodes may also indicate cancers of the neck and head region.
  • Persistent sore throat: If you get a sore throat that doesn’t seem to get better even with OTC medications, you may need an appointment with your doctor for an endoscopy in Singapore to check for throat cancer. Persistent sore throat is one of the most common telltale signs of throat cancer.
  • Weight loss: The weight loss may majorly be due to swallowing complications due to pain in your throat or food getting stuck in your throat.
  • Vocal changes: Other people also experience vocal changes, which may include having a huskier voice, experiencing difficulty when pronouncing some words, or even slurred speech.

Just like other common cancers, throat cancer is also easily managed when detected early. Therefore, it is important that you don’t overlook the symptoms described above; especially if they do not go away for more than 21 days. An appointment with an endoscopist for endoscopy in Singapore to check for throat cancer is even more important if you experience any of the symptoms and have any of these throat cancer risk factors;

  • If you’ve been exposed to asbestos due to its carcinogenic nature
  • If you’re living with Plummer-Vinson syndrome
  • If you’re aged 65 years old or more
  • If you heavily consume alcohol
  • If you eat a lot of processed meat with limited or no vegetables and fruits in your diet
  • If you’ve been exposed to the Epstein-Barr virus
  • If you’ve been exposed to the human Papillomavirus and
  • If you have a substandard dental hygiene

What Questions should you ask your Doctor about Endoscopy for Throat Cancer?

If you schedule an appointment for an endoscopy in Singapore to check for throat cancer, it is prudent that you have open and frank discussions with the endoscopist who will be helping you with the procedure. A good endoscopist won’t mind answering your questions, irrespective of how minor you may think the questions are.

Therefore, you shouldn’t shy off asking any question about the procedure. Here are a few helpful questions you can keep in mind when scheduling an endoscopy appointment in Singapore.

  • How much experience do you have performing endoscopy in Singapore?
  • Are there any special preparations I need to be aware of before the test?
  • How long will this assessment last? Will I need someone to take me home after the endoscopy?
  • Will I need an endoscopy follow up? If so, after how long?
  • Are there any risks about this procedure that I should be aware of? If so, how can I avoid them, or can you recommend a reliable source of information and support that may benefit me?

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